Yadnum & Michael Munday: A Scammer Report

25 February, 2009

Download dossier on Michael Munday (aka. Liam Adam Munday)

Warning UPDATE: we now have Munday's correct address: 24 Onslow Gardens, Middleton Grange, 2171, NSW

This is a warning to anyone planning on purchasing goods from the Yadnum Computers or Level 4 Technology (www.yadnum.com.au) → ***YOU MAY LOSE YOUR MONEY!***

If you would like to contact me to discuss this matter, you can email me on louis_mar@hotmail.com or ring me on 0401 151 599

Update: Munday's address is: 24 Onslow Gardens, Middleton Grange, NSW, 2171, Australia ← this has now been confirmed. In addition, it's reported Munday is driving a Blue Yaris Hatch (rego unknown)
Michael Mundays License

Michael Mundays Passport


Police give up

Police give up II

The Short Version
On 29th December 2008 an order for a 28" LCD monitor was placed on the Yadnum Computers website. $757.95 AUD was paid to Yadnum Computers via PayPal. The merchandise was never sent and the money was never refunded. After many attempts to contact the proprietor of the business, Mr Michael Munday, no explanation was ever given as to why the merchandise was not sent or why a refund was never provided.

The Long Version & Timeline
29/Dec/2008 → order placed for a 28" LCD monitor online (i.e. product model Viewsonic VX2835WM 28"W). The order was placed online via the Yadnum Computers website (www.yadnum.com.au). $757.95 AUD is drawn out of my account to pay for the product.

6/Jan/2009 → over two weeks after placing the order, I had still not received the item. After repeated contact attempts, I have been ignored by the seller and no effort what-so-ever has been made by Michael Munday to get in touch with me. I have emailed the seller on 4 occasions since the purchase and phoned twice. For both phone calls I got an answering machine and left a message for them to call me back (my calls were never returned). In my contact attempts, I had made it known to the seller I would lodge a dispute with the provider of their online credit card payment facilities and with the NSW consumer body. My warnings were also ignored.

16/Jan/2009 → lodged complaint with NSW Fair Trading Centre. The seller, Michael Munday, didn't respond to the NSW Fair Trading representative's calls or letters.

23/Jan/2009 → PayPal manages to recover $237.45 AUD for me, leaving $520.50 AUD still to be refunded (note: Paypal has disabled the Yadnum Computers PayPal account so his website can no longer receive payments that way).

10/Feb/2009 → official complaint for fraud lodged with Victoria police.

Getting in Touch with Me
If you would like to get in touch with me to ask me about this situation, you can reach me via email on louis_mar(a)hotmail.com or you can call me on my mobile: 0401 151 599 (add +61 if outside Australia)

Getting in Touch with Michael Munday
I would encourage you to get in touch with Michael Munday and ask him for his side of the story. If you happen to get one, please let me know what it is, because I have never gotten one.

His contact details are as follows:

Phone: 1300 858 742
Fax: 1300 858 743
Email: michaelmunday@gmail.com, sales@yadnum.com.au, paypal@yadnumcomputers.com

Munday's Address
24 Onslow Gardens
Middleton Grange, 2171

Warehouse Address
Yadnum Computers Pty Ltd.
Unit 22 19-26 Durian Place
Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Supporting Files & Evidence
Police Report: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Screenshot of the PayPal dispute

Purchase Receipt for 28" LCD Monitor